6 Ways For You To Maximise Your Facebook Business Page

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Facebook is one of the most important ways to advertise your business to clients in the 21st century. With customers increasingly heading online for information and to buy goods and services it is crucial your social media presence is up to date and works well.

Employing the services of a web design company in Manchester, such as Code Creative, can ensure your Facebook business page is reaching its full potential. Here are six top ways in which you can maximise your Facebook page.

1. Content
Posting the right type of content is vital if your business Facebook page is to be effective. Videos tend to work well on Facebook, as well as anything that is particularly unusual or off-the-wall. But try to stick to content that has a link to your company’s industry if possible. Content should be posted regularly, but not too regularly, or it can look ‘spammy’.

2. Call to action
The call to action is arguably the most important part of your Facebook business page. It should be included in the page header and needs to be eye-catching and engaging if it is to perform its purpose. Here at Code Creative, we can put together a call to action that increases clicks from your Facebook page through to your website.

3. Competitions
Competitions work really well on Facebook and launching a giveaway is a fantastic way to grow your audience. The prize does not have to be anything major, as long as it is tempting enough to get people to join in. Ideally, have a competition, such as a caption contest, that encourages engagement through comments and shares to expand the reach of your Facebook business page.

4. Measure ROI
Measuring your ROI is vital. Decide on some key metrics for your Facebook business page and ensure you check them regularly to see how your strategy is performing.

5. Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights is a great tool to help you understand the audience of your business page. Age, location and gender information is all available via Facebook Insights so you can check if the reach of your Facebook business page closely matches your target customers.

6. Engage
No social media strategy is going to work without a healthy amount of engagement with the public. Respond to queries and feedback politely and professionally, but don’t be afraid to use some personality in your posts too. The goal is to use your business page as you would a regular Facebook user account, so comment and like other statuses and links as well.

The experts here at Code Creative can help put together a top strategy for your Facebook business page. Get in touch for information on how we can take your Facebook presence to new heights.


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