Chorley is a town in Lancashire, England. Chorley has a population of around 55,000 people living there and it’s located about 18 miles from Manchester. Chorley does not have many tourist attractions but it sits on the River Churnet which provides great fishing opportunities for locals as well as tourists. Chorley was also home to the world’s first cotton mill back in 1784 so if you’re interested in seeing how cotton is made this would be an ideal place to visit! Learn information about Preston, UK.

Chorley is a very small town so it’s not hard to get around. Chorley also has many international shops and restaurants which should be fun for tourists! Discover facts about Wesham, Preston, UK: What to Do When You Visit.

Chorley is also a great place for families with kids because Chorley has biking paths that are all paved and even little ones can enjoy them. Chorley’s main attraction would be Churton Hall which was first built in the 1800s so it should give you an idea of how old Chorley really is!

The town itself is very clean and well maintained there have been recent improvements to the bus service as well which makes getting around easier than ever before. It should not take more than 15 minutes on foot from one end of Chorley to the other; this means exploring Chorley will be easy no matter where you’re staying here.