What is GDPR and why your website should be GDPR compliant

GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation – has been in the press a lot recently and with it not being too long until it comes into effect, your business needs to be as up to date with all the changes as well as being fully compliant with the new regulations. It’s important to know the basics of GDPR and how your website could be affected by it.

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Peach is the newest, hottest social network

Just when we all figured out Twitter, Instagram came along; when we figured out Instagram, Snapchat became popular; when we figured out Snapchat, Vine showed up, and after that: Periscop.

The revolving door of microblogging and social media platforms can be dizzying, but also provide great, fresh opportunities for people to connect and for brands to promote themselves.

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Our predictions for 2016

Here at Code Creative we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year! Throughout 2015 we were integral in helping to produce the brand new responsive website for several clients, check them out here.

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Should you be using Google+ for Marketing?

Once misunderstood of as a pretty poor social media platform for marketing, Google + is now where savvy businesses are beginning to make inroads, and it is proving more than successful for those who are able to work the platform properly.

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The Internet’s Power Couple Are Back Together…

The Potential for Stronger Social Search Signals with the Google and Twitter Partnership

When it comes to maximising your online presence, you should not just be looking at traditional SEO techniques, but also at your social positioning.

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Save The Date? Google’s Algorithm Change – April 21st – You ready?

Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly has become more important than ever. Recently it was revealed that Google is gearing up to update their algorithm again. Read more