Peach is the newest, hottest social network

Just when we all figured out Twitter, Instagram came along; when we figured out Instagram, Snapchat became popular; when we figured out Snapchat, Vine showed up, and after that: Periscop.

The revolving door of microblogging and social media platforms can be dizzying, but also provide great, fresh opportunities for people to connect and for brands to promote themselves.

How Peach stands apart (why people love it)

The latest app to hit the scene–as of last Thursday–is Peach. Created by Vine founder, Dom Hofmann, Peach could be described as a combination of already existing platforms: users can share and “like” statuses, and text their friends with texts, GIFS, and pictures.

The app can be distinguished, however, by its sense of play and intimacy; users have the opportunity be a little more creative within their streams.

For instance, they can “shout” a message in big letters, use “here” for a place check-in, reveal the charge remaining in their iPhone’s battery, draw a picture, make simple graphics, and tag the name of a favorite TV show or a book.

The app has several shortcuts called “magic words” for these actions. There are currently 20 “magic words,” all with different functions–and more will likely be added as the app grows in popularity.

Peach is, however, slightly insular

The app is a bit insular: you can’t email, tweet or share your Peach content directly on Facebook or other platforms. There is nothing comparable to retweeting or re-sharing within the app, and you can’t tag other users. Similar to Facebook, users have “friends” and must be friends to comment on each other’s posts.

Since its debut, Peach has captured the attention of early adopters and technology bloggers, and a few brands have tried out the app already–Merriam Webster, CNBC, and The Washington Post are among them. On Friday, when Peach hit peak popularity, numerous reports of the app crashing surfaced; the issue was due to the massive traffic the app experienced.

Is it here to stay?

The fact that Peach is currently blowing up the application scene does not necessarily mean that it has long term potential; a few social apps in the past, such as Ello and Meerkat, gained quick popularity but fizzled out fast.

However, in the competitive world of social media identity and promotion, it might be worth it for brands to hop on the bandwagon for an uncertain, but playful ride.