It is common to hear people say a website should be user-friendly. But what exactly do they mean by this? Such a website should be easy to use and navigate. And here are some of the qualities that define a web design with such a class. Learn information about Preston, UK here.

Mobile Compatibility

As more and more people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, creating a mobile-optimized website has become necessary. The first step is to check how your existing website appears on mobile. You can use Google mobile site tester to find this out. If your website cannot currently be accessed on mobile, you can create a mobile version of your website for free with the help of web designers.  Discover facts about Attributes of a Good Web Design.

Accessible to All Users

A user-friendly website should also be accessible to everyone, including the blind, disabled or elderly. These users typically use screen-readers to access the Internet. Website accessibility guidelines highlight simple web design techniques that can be applied to make sure your website can easily access on-screen readers, making your website available to a larger audience.

Well Planned Information Architecture

How information is organized and presented on your website is vital for good usability. However, it is often neglected. It has become even more critical today as websites offer a wide range of information and resources to attract their target market.