Struggling To Attract Clients To Your Business?

We’ll Boost Your Leads With Growth-Focused SEO

Code Creative is an end-to-end digital marketing agency – We specialise in helping local businesses Rank Higher in online searches and attain Measurable Revenue Growth through tailor made SEO solutions

75% Of Buyers NEVER Make It To The Second Page Of Google Search Results

That means if they don’t find your business on page 1, they’ll most likely hire your competitor. 

If you’re on this page, we’re assuming you’re having a hard time pulling in quality leads for your business.

And even if you’ve done well, we’re quite sure you’d like to do even better – more sales, higher margins.


You see, the fastest way to achieve that is through a focused, well-thought-out SEO strategy.

“So What Exactly Is SEO and What Can It Do For My Business?”

A fair question indeed!

Consider having a constant, unbroken flow of high-value clients coming your way every single day.

Put simply, SEO makes it extremely easy for potential customers to look up your business online and connect with you.

Get this – leads gained through SEO are 14X MORE LIKELY TO BUY as compared to traditional marketing!

That means you will have:

  • A pipeline full of quality leads who want to spend 
  • Stronger brand awareness & people will trust your business
  • Lower marketing costs
  • A higher conversion rate & you’ll make more money – quarter after quarter after quarter.

That’s Where Code Creative Can Help

We’re a team of seasoned, data-obsessed marketing experts on a mission to empower our clients so they can unlock consistent, robust growth.

Over the past 12 years, we have dedicated our resources to helping local enterprises achieve steady revenue growth by elevating their online search rankings through industry-focused SEO practices. 

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Our Service Roster

We offer a 360-degree SEO solution structured specifically to meet the growth objectives of local business and enterprises

üTechnical SEO

We’ll review the factors that directly affect your website’s search engine visibility. This includes optimizing your website to load faster, fixing broken links, and incorporating canonical tags.

üOn-Page SEO

Our focus here will be to ensure that potential clients can easily find and connect with your business online. We will achieve that by improving your website’s headings, H1 tags, images, page titles, internal links and formatting.

üOff-Page SEO

There are certain ranking factors that you may not be able to influence directly. Our core objective here is to drive organic and highly engaged traffic to your website by acquiring quality backlinks.

üLocal SEO

Our team will create & manage your Google My Business account. Plus, we’ll strengthen your local rankings by registering your business in top business directories such as Yelp, Yahoo small business, and Foursquare.

üContent Marketing

We’ll strengthen your brand’s credibility by focusing on 2 core factors. First, by creating quality content that delivers tangible value to your audience and secondly, by reaching out to relevant influencers who can sway the public opinion in your favour. 

üIn-Depth Post Campaign Reports

Our team will dig through vast data pools while your campaign is active and also after its conclusion. We’ll share with you a detailed report each month. This will help you see exactly how SEO has impacted your primary growth metrics such as search rankings, conversion rate, marketing ROI, and revenue.

We’ll Deploy A Step-By-Step, Growth-Focused SEO Roadmap
To Drive Profitable Outcomes For Your Business

Here’s a quick overview of our structured approach designed to bring in quality leads, lower marketing costs and to help your business drive consistent revenue growth.

Step-1: Step Discovery

We’ll develop a thorough understanding of your audience’s pain points, their buying process, and your immediate & long-term business goals.  

Step-2: In-Depth Data Analysis

Next, we’ll dig deep to see how online visitors interact with your brand. We’ll focus on core engagement metrics, keywords, and visitor engagement.

Step-3: Competitor Analysis

That’s where we take stock of the competitive landscape and determine a market strategy to help your showroom stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Step-4: Content Marketing

The goal here is to bring high-quality organic traffic to your website by providing value-focused content. This will build consumer trust and strengthen your credibility.

Step-5: Conversion Audit

Next, we’ll investigate possible factors contributing to low conversions and deploy conversion-optimization protocols to convert online visitors into paying, loyal customers.

Step-6: Search-Focused Technical Analysis

We’ll comb through your entire website to ensure that a Google search brings up the correct information about your business.

Step-7: The 90-Day Roadmap

Once we have all the elements of the equation, our experts will share with you a detailed, step-by-step implementation plan to elevate your search results and boost lead generation.

Step-8: Measurable ROI

Our goal is to drive tangible growth for your business. At the end of each phase, we will explain exactly how our SEO protocols have contributed to your bottom-line.

How Soon Can You Start Seeing Results?

From day-1, we’ll dedicate our resources to uncover actionable insights. Most of our clients can expect to see the needle moving within 4-6 weeks.  Here’s what to expect once you come onboard:

Day 1 – Checkout & Virtual Onboarding: After agreeing to the specifics of our collaboration, our team will share with you a detailed SEO & conversion-optimization roadmap for your business.

Day 5 – Campaign Setup & Kickoff: We’ll carry out preliminary audits and formally launch your SEO campaign.

Day 15 – 50% Completion: We’ll get most of the SEO heavy lifting done within the first 2 weeks.

Day 30Monthly SEO Cycle Conclusion: Our work is just about complete for the current monthly cycle

Day 35 – Detailed Monthly Report – We’ll share with you a comprehensive report each month on primary growth metrics such as search rankings, conversion rate, marketing ROI, and revenue.

In Case You’re Wondering, Here’s Why Code Creative Is Far More Likely To Help You Hit Your Growth KPIs As Compared To Other Agencies

Industry-Specialised SEO Experts

Our team members are absolute masters of what they do. They bring to the table decades of combined experience in digital marketing along with an unrivaled understanding of buyer psychology and industry dynamics.

End-To-End SEO Service

We’re essentially a one-stop shop for everything and anything SEO. From improving your showroom’s search rankings to boosting conversion, we’ll empower you to achieve your immediate and long-term growth objectives.

Quick & Transparent Campaign Execution

Every second counts in a hyper-competitive business landscape. We will keep you posted on every step of the campaign and you will have absolute clarity on what’s happening. We have protocols to eliminate delays. In case there’s one, we’ll share with you a feasible roadmap to minimize its impact.

Unparalleled Customer Care

Don’t you just hate it when customer service disappears when you need them the most?! That will NEVER happen with us. Should you ever have an issue, we’ll make sure it is immediately resolved.

We Thrive On Driving Profitable Outcomes For Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. See what these delighted business owners have to say about how our SEO services have empowered them to attain measurable growth.

“I have been with Code Creative for over 8 years now. My site is super fast loading and ranks at the top of Google bringing in constant work. Would recommend to anyone!” Jonathan Bank, Wolds Kitchens

“Took our site from being non visible to ranking for multiple kitchen terms in my town. I have seen a steady inbound flow of leads coming in. Happy with the results”  Stephen Dunne Ms Kitchens

“Fantastic results and communication! Since coming on board with code creative in the space of 8 weeks I have seen an increase in my site rank, and the number of calls for new work. I am now moving my secondary business over to them for a new web design and ranking service.” Malcolm Boyd

“Fast, efficient, communicative and friendly. Built and ranked our website which has helped our business grow. We’re so happy we chose Code Creative and look forward to working with them continually in the future. We won’t be going anywhere!” Kyle Wood

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling and Help You DRIVE MORE SALES!

We invite you to book an Obligation-Free Consultation. It will be a 30-minute strategy call where our team will:
  • Perform a quick review of your showroom’s current website.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of your immediate and long-term business goals.
  • Share with you a comprehensive roadmap to overhaul your SEO and lead generation funnel.
  • Share with you actionable tips that you can immediately apply.
Rest assured, you’ll be entrusting your business to a team of supremely capable marketing experts who will gladly go the extra mile to ensure your success. At Code Creative, we don’t just strive to win business. We intend to build a lifelong partnership so we can transform your vision into a profitable reality. We look forward to helping you thrive.