Are you planning to visit Fulwood, Preston, UK? There are a number of fantastic locations that you must make a point of visiting while you are here. Fulwood, Preston, UK is a wonderful city with many intriguing attractions. With so many alternatives, it might be tricky for you to choose which places to visit especially if you are here briefly. Here are some attractions that are worth a visit. Learn more here. 

St. Mary’s Fernyhaigh & Ladywell

Sometimes the best way to refresh our minds and souls is by going outside.  If you have come out here in a soul-refreshing quest, then Ladywell Shrine is the place for you. The calm tranquil gardens make it the best spot for reflection and meditation. Come join hundreds of people in quiet contemplation and find rest for your soul. Learn more about  Best Schools in Cottam, Preston, UK.

Conway Park

Fulwood is one of Preston’s greenest neighborhoods. It has several greens including, Andertons Way, Tower Lane, Levensgarth Avenue, Mill Lane, South Drive, and Sherwood. However, Conway Drive stands out among them all. The park has plenty of open space. As such, you can never miss a parking spot. There are decent football pitches and a children’s play area. It is a great place to take a walk and carry out other outdoor activities.