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If you’re looking for website design Manchester, then you’re in the right place.

As a leading website design agency in Manchester, Code Creative are here to help you. We offer a full service to all of our customers, and with a track record across the UK for website design, we are proud to continue our hard work with clients old and new.

We meet clients who are faced with the issue of not having a system that provides them with the steady customer flow that they need for success. The good news is that Code Creative offers fast, efficient web design Manchester service leveraging a range of online marketing channels. They include Google Search and Facebook Ads to provide a steady flow of new leads..

We have been designing and ranking websites since 1996 with our web design agency !

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Providing You Transparency

You need your website design Manchester to be on point, and with tracked results. Your client dashboard provides you with data that indicates the performance health of your campaign. Number of calls vs missed calls generated from Google, number of visitors and time spent on site are just some of those indicators you have access to.

At Code Creative we use our full range of digital marketing tools to help you to grow your business. We solve real problems, and when we gain a solid understanding of your business, we can ensure that you reach your target audience and put your online goals into play.

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We Solve Real Problems - Website Design Manchester - Web Design Agency

what can we do for you?

At Code Creative we offer a range of services in website design Manchester and more. Let’s take a look!

What more do you need to know? We are a company that solves problems. All conversations start by asking one question. What can Code Creative do to help your business grow?

Here are some of our services that help our clients achieve growth from online.

SEO Traffic Generation

Without SEO, you will not be able to target your audience effectively. You need as much traffic as possible to gain new customer enquiries and sales for your business and we can help with that.

Web Design Manchester

You need a beautiful and responsive website that is user-focused, and with our help, you can achieve precisely that. You only have a few seconds to capture your customers’ attention.

Lead Generation (PPC)

With our experts helping you to leverage Facebook Ads, you can connect your business with the customers in the areas you are targeting. When you do this, you create a steady customer flow for boosted sales.

Logo Design (Identity)

Our website design Manchester team can work on your logo to boost your visual identity online. All you need to do is ask us about the process today, and we can get started.

Social Media​​ Posting

It would help if you stayed in front of your target audience at all times, and social media is perfect for that. Across multiple social media channels, you can use Code Creative to increase your online visibility.

Content Marketing​

An active blog that is updated regularly is a must for your website. With our dedicated team, you can combine steady and reliable copywriting and excellent social engagement to drive customer interest.

Graphic Design​​

Need some help with your graphic design? Our team can help with various graph design needs, including business cards, email signatures, compliment slips, and more.


It would help if you had stunning imagery to gain the attention of the right customers. At Code Creative, we are here to help you to achieve that. Photography is a big part of website design.


Whether it’s customer testimonials or exciting showreels, you need fantastic videos to engage and inspire on your website. Let us help you get your message across on video.

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Ready to get started with our website design Manchester service?

If you’re ready to push your business in the right direction, then be sure to get in touch. There’s no pressure involved: simply get in contact with us via your preferred method, and we will see what we can do together. We also cover a web design Manchester and web design blackpool service from our agency in manchester