Company Overview

Diamond Leisure.

Diamond Leisure are based in Blackpool providing a wide range of machine hire services to businesses across the entire north west including fruit machine hire, pool table hire and quiz machines hire. Kyle Wood, the company director manages and oversees all operations and responsible for the companies growth. 

The companies goal was to re brand, have a new website built, grow and win more venues where machines could be placed. Kyle was cautious of signing up for any SEO campaign how ever after exhausting other types of traditional marketing with no positive and reliable results it was clear that something had to change and he decided to hire Code Creative to help achieve his companies goals.

Diamond Leisure has now become the unrivalled leading independent Gaming And Amusement Machine Operator in Blackpool and across the North West of England.

What Happened Next

A Brand New Website was built

Our team set out to rebuild the Diamond Leisure using the latest design principles and technologies. Here is a direct comparison of the homepages before and after our redesign. Click on either image to enlarge.



Rank Tracking - Growth over time

A cluster of key terms were put together based on two key criteria. Firstly if you are going to rank a website for a keyword, you want to be sure it is getting a healthy amount of people searching it each month, this is called search volume. Secondly we need to be sure of the commercial intent behind that search. If someone is looking for tips on how to play a fruit machine vs a search for “fruit machine hire” it is clear that individuals searching fruit machine hire will more likely be wanting to hire a machine to turn into an enquiry for Diamond Leisure. 

Getting both factors correct are the key to success when brainstorming the best terms to place a clients site on page one for.

Below is a table summary showing the 10 terms we targeted, the starting page and the ending page. Our rank tracking software plots your website movement on a graph over time so you can see how things are progressing each month. This is great as it allows us to show our new prospects realistic expectations in terms of time to achieve first position ranking. You can click on any search term to see a graph showing the movement of our clients website over the duration of the campaign.

Ranking Results Table
Search TermStarting PositionEnding Position
Fruit Machine HirePage 5 (Position 49)Page 1 (Position 1)
Fruit Machine RentalPage 8 (Position 79)Page 1 (Position 1)
Fruit Machine SupplierPage 5 (Position 44)Page 1 (Position 1)
Pool Table HirePage 7 (Position 61)Page 1 (Position 4)
Pool Table LeasePage 10 (Position 91)Page 1 (Position 4)
Pool Table RentPage 7 (Position 61)Page 1 (Position 3)
Quiz Machine HirePage 3 (Position 25)Page 1 (Position 2)
Quiz Machine RentalPage 2 (Position 18)Page 1 (Position 3)
Slot Machine HirePage 2 (Position 27)Page 1 (Position 3)
Slot Machine RentalPage 5 (Position 45)Page 1 (Position 4)

At Code Creative your campaign performance is tracked so we can provide you reports showing the impact your investment is having inside your business. Website traffic is tracked, phone calls generated from your website that started with a Google search are tracked, form submissions are tracked. We also track the rank and position off your website over the entire life of your campaign from day 0.

What makes our service Unique

With your campaign you will  have access to a dashboard to track how successful your campaign is going. The dashboard tracks

  • The number of new phone call enquiries made to your business from your website. This data will also show you how many calls you answered vs the ones you missed and the number of calls new enquiries vs calls from previous enquiries.
  • Website traffic including new visitors vs returning visitors.
  • Total number of contact form submissions from the contact page on your site.
  • Number of users asking for directions to your business on Google maps.

A look into stats taken from Diamond Leisures Dashboard

The outcome of This Campaign

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Increase In Organic Website Traffic in 90 days
Keywords Ranking on page one within 90 days
Days brand new website turn around

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