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One-Stop Digital Agency

Over the last 8 years we have worked with hundreds of Businesses through out the United Kingdom. Our experience has given us in depth and unrivalled knowledge into digital marketing and what is required for you to connect with your target audience.

Our goal is simple, generate as many new customer enquiries as possible for your business. Click on any service below you would like to find out more information about such as price options.

SEO Traffic Generation

SEO is the art of generating more traffic to your website from Google. More traffic results in more new customer enquiries and sales for your business.

Web Design​

All of our websites are proudly created in house in our Lancashire offices by our talented developers. Click learn more to see why we are better.

Lead Generation (PPC)

Leverage Facebook Advertising to connect your business with customers in your target area(s). Create a steady flow of new customers.

Logo Design (Identity)

Your Logo is your visual identity that flows through all your marketing. We have designed thousands in our 23 years of experience. Find out more about the process.

Social Media​​ Posting

Stay in front of your target audience with authoritative posts about your industry across multiple social media channels. Increase your online visibility with our service.

Content Marketing​

Content is King is a term baited around in the online world. A blog that is active with regular publications sets a good impression for your business online.

Graphic Design​​

Our Graphic design service covers all aspects of extending your corporate identity covering business cards, compliment slips, email signatures included in our business stationary pack.


High quality photography completes an excellent website design and gives a site credibility. If you have a great working environment and team it should be communicated on your site.


We have a wide range of Videography services available including directing, content creation, social media videos, animation, editing and introduction snippets.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Every one of our services are handled in house so we have complete quality and time control. Each service will work towards generating you more sales for your business. That in turn will help our agency grow as we build a loyal client base whose services are retained.

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The ROI Experts

The way we achieve growth for you is by increasing sales in your business using a combination of the above services. Our services are designed to bring you profitable returns. This in turn allows our agency to continue to grow. When you come on board with Code Creative you are making a long term investment and commitment to growth inside your own business.

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Best Practices

All our services are intended to help you win new customers in your catchment area. We follow the latest standards and employ best practices to ensure you are getting a service of the highest quality standard.

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Ask Us Anything

Generally speaking 4 – 6 weeks how ever this is generally speaking and is dependent on the complexity of your project.

We recommend placing your site on as many third party websites as possible. This includes social media sites where profiles are created as well as business directories. The more we place your business NAP (name address and phone number) as well as your website link the more credible and trusted Google will infer your company to be. This in turn will result in better ranks, more traffic and ultimately more enquiries. Our SEO packages handle all of this work for you on a month to month basis.

The short answer is yes! Publishing new content on your site can increase the effectiveness of an existing SEO campaign and boost your search engine traffic. This will also improve your “freshness” score.

A measure Google uses and one of many ranking factors. Blog posts can increase traffic to your site! For example, a blog post can be written with a question as the title of the post. If correct research is done that question may be searched regularly already on Google.

You will then start to get more traffic from Google to this blog post as it is an answer to a question people are searching.

The short answer is Yes! There are several quick wins we can do to help give your business a quick initial boost. First off we recommend running a site audit using our free site audit tool.

We can then address issues within the source code of your website quickly and resubmit it to Google. This will result in an immediate bump in your site rankings.

Additionally for fast results (space of several weeks) we would setup campaigns on Facebook to generate leads from your local area(s). Our experience on understanding what visuals work best as well as demographics allow us to be able to generate results for you faster then normal.

We would consider the above to be fast results as they are generated within 30 – 90 days.

The truth is it depends! In terms of advertising to help generate sales for a business then the answer in our opinion is yes. Not because it print advertising doesn’t work in terms of generating you sales. But because there are better alternatives that give you better return on spend. One of those better alternatives would be Facebook Advertising.

This channel also provides measurable tracking so you can split test adverts in real time and drop loosing copies vs winning ones.

Print is very much alive and fantastic for marketing. Business cards, letter heads and business stationary in general are great ways to help differentiate yourself. A custom size, unique folding pattern, or exceptional paper selection can give your customer an unforgettable experience. Combine this with effective design, and your brand message inhabits a delivery vehicle that is “too cool to throw away.”

Our Graphic Design Services help accommodate all of this for your business.

Focus on creating a strong brand image that aligns with your target niche. To understand your target niche you want a well thought out business plan. Are you going for top end kitchen clients with high spend or do you want to target low price high volume? Contact us for assistance in developing your brand image correctly and designed for success.

Code Creative operate a full array of services. We can be your single point of contact for all your marketing requirements. Keeping things as simple as possible for you with one single account manager.

Whether you need changes to your website, photography, a video shoot, new stationary printing or an influx of new consultations being booked.

Our experience shows business owners don’t enjoy having several different companies handle each service area and have to manage communications between each.

When you hire Kitchen Focus you are hiring our knowledge, team and full spectrum of services. You can think of our team as your Growth consultants available for hire.

We have never failed to

  1. Rank a client to the first page of Google for a chosen term.
  2. Generate consultation bookings from a campaign and demonstrate a positive return on investment.
  3. Deliver a website that both our client and ourselves are extremely pleased with.

If you are considering moving forwards please contact us today to see how we can help and discuss a strategy for you to consider.

We strive to make our clients happy

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