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Why Facebook

80% of all Internet users use Facebook with most signing in multiple times per day. Regardless of who your customers are, they are using Facebook. If you already have a rough idea of your customers demographics we can ensure that they are specifically targeted.

It is also possible to retarget users who have visited your site previously. Users who initially found your site from Google but have not taken action can then be retargeted with an advert on Facebook.

Split Testing

With traditional advertising in print medium it use to be a stab in the dark to see what advert would get the best response. With Facebook ads our team can create multiple copies of an advert to see which gets the best results.

Once the best performing advert is identified we can start testing various audiences. It may be that a certain age range, sex or even occupation are more responsive to the adverts running.

1. Schedule A Call

When you are not getting the number of sales you want and can see it is time to talk to our Facebook Advertising Guru. 

Call us today to get the ball rolling.

2. Form A Strategy

During the discovery call we will ask you questions to help make a strategy based on specific goals. 

By the end of the call we will have the basis for a strategy .

3. rank Higher!

The overview of the process is fairly simple for every strategy. Create a steady flow of new leads! 

Advertising increases leads and ultimately new sales.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized PPC Strategy

The general ethos of our PPC strategy is simple

  1. Research – Identify demographics of your target audience. What are key attribute of your most profitable clients.
  2. Development – Multiple adverts are crafted and presented to these audiences.
  3. Refine – Performance is tracked. The best performing adverts and audience are retained.
  4. Scale – Once everything is refined on a granular level we can then start to scale.

To achieve the above simple overview how ever is complex and requires a deep understanding of

  1. Videography, Sales scripting and Facebook business manager.
  2. Advanced retargeting execution through cookie and pixel tracking..

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?


For small businesses wanting to reinvest in generating more leads from initial campaigns.
£ 600 per month
  • £300 Ad Spend
  • 20 Estimated Monthly Leads
  • Account Setup
  • Lead Manager
  • Advert Optimisation
  • Landing Pages
  • Monthly Reporting


Entry point for business owners who have a need for sustained growth with budget available.
£ 900 per month
  • £450 Ad Spend
  • 30 Estimated Monthly Leads
  • Account Setup
  • Lead Manager
  • Advert Optimisation
  • Landing Pages
  • Monthly Reporting


Campaigns designed for business owners wanting aggressive growth in large number of sales.
£ 1200 per month
  • £600 Ad Spend
  • 40 Estimated Monthly Leads
  • Account Setup
  • Lead Manager
  • Advert Optimisation
  • Landing Pages
  • Monthly Reporting

Bespoke Facebook Marketing Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Code Creative bring years of knowledge and experience to the table. In our eight years of trading we have worked with hundreds of businesses across the UK.

We would love to discuss with you how we have helped others to grow through online channels.

Your business needs to be repeatedly seen by the right people to generate a steady flow of sales.

Stay Connected

Marketing has made a major shift to online platforms from local traditional paper and radio over the last decade. It is now more than likely your ideal client is online daily and active on a combination of Google and Social Media platforms.

Start growing your business and sales with our team today.

Maximise ROI

To really maximise your growth and returns on investment we recommend bolting a PPC together with a Local SEO campaign. The two work in harmony by allowing traffic from search engines to later be re targeted on Facebook.

Research shows users may re visit a site several times prior to placing an enquiry.