Company Overview

Whiteside Taxi.

Whiteside Taxi’s is the oldest taxi businesses in the United Kingdom founded in 1880. Based in Lytham St Annes with a reputation for providing a taxi service of the highest standards there aren’t many locals who aren’t aware of them.

When Whiteside Taxis approached Code Creative they wanted to increase their visibility online and increase traffic to their website. Especially from neighbouring town Blackpool where there brand awareness isn’t as strong as within the home town of Lytham St Annes.

We built a brand new website, integrated with their new taxi booking system and identified key phrases to target to achieve the desired goals.


What Happened Next

New Website - See the difference

Websites that are dated fail to convert well when compared to new trending site designs that are easier on the eye. It makes sense when investing in sending traffic to your site that the site is going to convert that traffic as optimally as possible. Otherwise you are seeing a lower return on your investment. 

Here is a direct comparison of the homepages before and after our redesign. Click on either image to enlarge.



Rank Tracking - Growth over time

After initial consultation and discovery calls with Whiteside Taxis we had a clear understanding of the target audience that they wanted to attract to the site.

Next we had to identify a collection of key terms that would allow us to deliver a solution to Whitesides requirements. Terms were identified on the following criteria

  • Search Volume – If no one is searching a term what would be the point in being on the first page for it. I’ve seen agencies rank clients for terms that have no search volume and therefore are easy to rank for as there is no one competing for the placement. Doing this only frustrates a client when they see no enquiries and is short term thinking by agencies. We ensure our terms have strong search volume so clients will benefit from our work. In turn generating us more referral work and increased reputation.
  • Commercial intent – If someone searches Airport Taxi it is highly likely that user will end up turning into an enquiry. However a search for benefits of using a airport taxi service would be less likely.
  • Strength of competition – We use a suite of expensive specialist agency software to allow us to do background checks on the strength of competitor sites currently on page one. With our knowledge and experience we can then gauge roughly how likely it is for our client site to outrank them and if it can be achieved in a reasonable timeframe.

Once all the above criteria are met we then add those terms to our list for the campaign.

What makes our service Unique

All client campaigns have their performance tracked with key metrics. This allows our team to provide reports showing a monthly summary of how well a campaign is performing. Clients get access to a bespoke dashboard that shows in real time the number of calls, form submissions and website visitors being generated. Your website rank is also tracked for all terms so our clients get a birds eye view of everything going on with their campaign. Summary of dashboard features include:-
  • Phone calls tracked. Stats on answered calls vs missed calls provided. Call data of callers provided and feedback if the calls were first time callers or return callers.
  • Traffic stats to client website available showing new visitors vs returning visitors.
  • Volume of contact form submissions from the website contact page.
  • Google map stats showing how many individuals asked for directions to your business.

The outcome of This Campaign

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Increase In Organic Website Traffic in 90 days
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