Everything you need to build the perfect homepage

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It’s 2021 and there is no better marketplace than online – and the best way to sell online is with an amazing website that converts.

The first thing anyone sees when they visit your website is the homepage. It’s like a digital storefront – you want it to be as attractive as possible for potential customers.

Today we will be looking at everything you need for a killer homepage! Let’s start…

Easy-to-navigate menu

Your homepage is the first page most users will visit. They will need to navigate to different pages – a well designed menu with search functionality can help them do that quickly and efficiently. Remember, functionality, usability, and design are important. Also, don’t forget to optimise for mobile!

Banner or slider

The website banner or slider is the first thing that visitors will see on your homepage. Make sure it is highly visible and attractive. It should also offer useful information regarding your business or services. Make sure the images are high quality.

Web copy

Your website copy and content need to be optimised for not only real human visitors but also for bots. Sounds strange? That’s exactly what SEO optimisation is all about. Making sure your homepage is ready to be scrutinised by search engines. Keep the copy SEO optimised and don’t forget to include photos on your page!

Page design

The design and layout of your page is super important. Visitors should be greeted with an inviting design that encourages them to stay and find out more about your business. Make sure your graphics are top notch and are designed to follow the rule of thirds. Colours play an important role, as do different visual elements. Make sure your fonts complement each other and the overall site design. Again, don’t forget to optimise for mobile!


If your business relies a lot on customer opinion, your homepage is a great place to show off all the great reviews you’ve gotten. This will ensure that all future visitors trust your site – after all, who doesn’t after looking at glowing recommendations. All you have to do is connect to a site like Trustpilot or Yelp!

Primary call to action

Don’t forget, the purpose of your site is to get visitors and customers to ‘do something’. This can be anything from signing up to a class or making a purchase. Your homepage must include a call to action and a button for that specific action. Make sure that it’s simple and attractive!


Your menu isn’t the only way your visitors can navigate your site. Your homepage must include a few additional links, both for SEO and user functionality. You can include internal links to:


Last but not the least is the footer. This is where your contact information, important links, and a small About section should be included. This not only helps with visuals but also usability!

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